Recital Dress Code

Performance and Recital Dress Code

This guide is provided to help ensure that your outfit does not distract you or the audience from your performance. In general, clothing must be classic concert dress, appropriate for a recital.

Girls: Skirts and dresses below knee-length or dress pants. No bare midriffs, spaghetti straps or see-through fabrics.

Boys: Dress pants and button dress shirt. Ties and jackets are optional.

No t-shirts, jeans, denim, shorts or hats.

Dress shoes are required for all performers. No sneakers or athletic shoes. No flip-flops.

Keep rings, watches and bracelets to a minimum. No chewing gum.

Practice in your outfit so you know that you can move freely. Make sure your outfit does not distract from your performance. Please talk to your teacher if you have any questions about your attire.